Pisces, Portland, OR. 

I grew up balancing atop skateboards (that's me getting my kneepads squared away) and seated inside canoes where I was drawn through an ever-changing Ohio landscape that seemingly always led to a flat, vanishing horizon. The interruptions, though seldom, grounded my sense of design by heightening my awareness to the slightest departures in my surroundings.  

An interest in representation and perception led me to study visual communications at Ohio University in Athens, OH. A community known for its fierce environmental activism and journalistic integrity. Studying under National Geographic editors and Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalists, I made my way through Thailand, the Philippines, and India photographing economic and cultural disparities for various newspapers and magazines along the way. A path that led me to the Pacific Northwest where I worked as a photojournalist for several more years.  

A dedication to photography and the catharsis of furniture restoration created an obsession with design culture. One that grew, after a move to Chicago, into a business sourcing, restoring, and customizing sought after pieces of design for architects, interior designers, set and film designers, as well as business and home owners. I decided it was time to take a risk when my interest in design and architecture progressed beyond the world of furniture. Market research led me to Cincinnati where I began my first home restoration project in 2012 - a century old German-brick row house. Limited budgets required me to learn the process of home design, permitting, restoration, and renovation intimately and with my own two hands: a painstaking process I have grown to love. 

I'm seeking a community of multi-disciplinary designers and artists who strive for continuous progression in the hopes of promoting self-discovery through the practice of design and community engagement.